Test 2

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Index-linked gilts are gilts where the interest payments:

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In May 2017, Alison, 45, wants an investment vehicle to save towards a deposit for her first house. She wants to invest £30,000 immediately, followed by £220 per month over the following year. Which one of the following is the MOST suitable product for her objectives?

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Over the longer term, what risk is normally associated with deposit-based investments?

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Fiona, a higher rate taxpayer has an ordinary building society savings account. What is the MAXIMUM amount of annual interest she can receive before she is liable for income tax?

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Gilts with 66 years to run before their redemption date are known as:

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Bill sold some investments in March 2016 on which he made a taxable capital gain. When would this tax have become due for payment?

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Capital gains tax is best described as a tax:

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The rate of inheritance tax on a chargeable lifetime transfer when it is made is:

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Diane has been told that she must pay a certain class of National Insurance on a twice yearly basis. This confirms that she is:

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What is the threshold above which income tax is payable on redundancy payments?

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