Unit 2 Topic 23

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An authorised firm’s senior management must ensure that their organisation is protected from use by money launderers by doing all of the following EXCEPT:

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Staff training on money laundering must cover all of the following requirements EXCEPT how to:

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In order to be required to report a transaction to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer, a member of staff first needs to:

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Why might money laundering regulations create ‘financial exclusion’?

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If a staff member of a financial services organisation were to be accused of ‘arranging’ under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, it could mean that they had:

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In relation to money laundering, how is ‘property’ defined under the European Directive 1991?

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What is the MAIN reason why an authorised firm’s senior management must requisition an annual report from its Money Laundering Reporting Officer?

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Paul was prosecuted under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and received the maximum sentence of five years and a fine. This means that he must have been convicted of which money laundering offence

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Employees should receive regular training about money laundering so that:

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Insurance Life plc has set up an ISA for a new client. Why was it NOT necessary for the company to obtain evidence of identity for money laundering purposes?

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Mandy, a financial adviser, has completed a report form and submitted it to her company’s Money Laundering Reporting Officer. Under what circumstances would she take this action?

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Which one of following is true in respect of a firm’s responsibilities under the money laundering regulations? A firm must:

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