Unit 2 Topic 20

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Chiara, a mortgage adviser, is assessing the suitability of a mortgage for her client. She will take into account all of the following except:

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Ben, an adviser, is required under FCA rules to provide a key facts illustration (KFI) detailing the APRC to his client. This confirms that the client has expressed an interest in:

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If a customer cancels their general insurance contract within the cooling off period, the insurance company must return any sums to it, within how many days?

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James, who is taking out a mortgage that falls within FCA regulation, has just received his customer specific illustration. This means that he is at what stage of the mortgage application process.

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In respect of mortgage advice, which of the following pieces of information is NOT required as part of the initial disclosures under MCOB 4?

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A firm intends to make a series of cold calls to promote certain mortgage contracts. What rule applies?

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Jason is in the process of applying for a mortgage and he has just received a tariff of charges from the lender. What is the latest point in the process that he has reached?

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Philip, a mortgage adviser, has to satisfy additional training and competence requirements under Financial Conduct Authority regulation because he offers advice on:

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If a customer decides that they want to cancel their general insurance contract within the cooling off period, they must do so within

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Pauline is offering mortgage advice to a client. Who is ultimately responsible for assuring that the mortgage is affordable?

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Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding the mortgage offer document?

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When MUST the Initial Disclosure Document be provided by a mortgage adviser?

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Which of the following must be included on all quotations for loans regulated under the Consumer Credit Act?

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Which of the following types of mortgage became regulated by the FCA under MCOB for the first time from March 2016?

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Jeremy and Sandra have an interest only mortgage and have received written advice to check the performance of their repayment vehicle. Under MCOB rules, this is most likely to have been issued by:

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Mortgage Brokers Ltd have just offered advice, post-October 2004, to a residential mortgage client and have NOT yet issued a suitability letter. This is permitted because:

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Gary has found that the mortgage he is arranging post-October 2004, and which is secured by a first charge is NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is because:

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Where MCOB rules apply to a residential mortgage, what minimum percentage of property must be occupied as a residence by the borrower?

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Mortgage Advice Ltd has found that their primary method of obtaining new business is NOT permitted under Financial Conduct Authority regulation. This means that they must have been using which of the following methods?

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The maximum size of loan, if any, regulated by the Consumer Credit Act is:

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Which of the following is exempt from the provisions of the Consumer Credit Acts of 1974 and 2006?

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The suggested range of stakeholder-type products have a proposed level of charges limited to what MAXIMUM percentage for the first ten years?

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The creation of stakeholder products outlined what KEY proposal for the industry?

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Which of the following will not be included in an initial disclosure document?

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All of the following are arranging mortgages after October 2004. Which mortgage is NOT regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

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