Unit 1 Topic 8

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What does the term 'open-ended' refer to when managing unit trusts?

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which one is NOT a responsibility of a unit trust fund manager?

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Which one of the following is NOT a feature of open-ended investment
companies (OEICS)?

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If the shares of an investment trust stand at a discount below the net asset value per share, which one of the following is CORRECT?

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charges on unit trusts have typically included:

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Why does investment in a collective investment scheme carry a reduced
risk when compared with direct investment in equities?

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What is the term used for the regular payments made out of investment trusts?

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What is the MAXIMUM amount, if any, that an individual can invest in an investment trust in any one tax year?

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Jack is currently a higher rate taxpayer with 5 years to go before retirement. He has an investment bond that he is using to save for his retirement, when he expects his income to drop significantly. What
feature of this product might he find especially useful when he has retired?

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Unit trusts are subject to strict governance through a set of terms. In which document are these terms defined?

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Which of the following statements is NOT true about unit trusts?

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Who is responsible for paying capital gains tax from unit trusts to HMRC?

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Which one of the following BEST describes an investment trust?

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Unit trusts, investment trusts and open ended investment company shares
are suitable for which profile of investor?

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Tom a higher rate taxpayer, has a single premium investment bond. How will any capital gains be treated?

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Which of the following is true in relation to the manager of an investment trust?

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Among the following statements regarding a unit trust, which one is correct?

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In a unit trust, what does the cancellation price signify?

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David has an investment bond issued by a life office, invested in their managed fund. At what rate is the provider’s underlying fund taxed?

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Non Structured Capital at risk products normally provide a minimum return of:

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Which one of the following is TRUE of open-ended investment companies

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Gains made within an investment trust are subject to what tax, if any, in the hands of the fund managers?

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Which one of the following describes MOST investment bonds

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At what rate would capital gains tax be charged on gains made on the sale
of a unit trust investment by a higher rate taxpayer?

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