Unit 1 Topic 7

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George decided to invest in cumulative preference shares as he wanted to

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What is the main attraction of direct investment in the ordinary shares of
quoted companies?

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Bank deposit accounts are NOT generally considered to be suitable vehicles for long term investment because they:

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When considering investing in residential property, which one of the
following characteristics is UNTRUE?

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James has a residential property from which he generates a rental income. When he has to pay tax on the income he can:

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If a company distributes 25% of its profits what would the dividend cover

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Which of the following types of share is most commonly a convertible
over recent years?

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Maks Enterprises intends to raise additional finance by issuing more shares. They are therefore obliged to:

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Jon purchased a share when the price was very high. He was able to justify this because:

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If Helen invests in shares, which are quoted in the Alternative Investment
Market, her shares:

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Which one of the following statements concerning preference shares is

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Which one of the following is NOT a feature of ordinary shares? The

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Why would an investor be interested in holding warrants issued by a company?

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A company is paying a dividend that has a dividend cover of 0.95. This primarily indicates that it:

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The risk of investment fluctuations can be reduced through which feature of the investment process?

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A right to buy shares at a specified price by a specified date is a:

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