Unit 1 Topic 6

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Which one of the following is LEAST likely to affect the price of gilts?

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The principle difference between corporate bonds and gilts is that corporate

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Which of the following statements in respect of gilts and local authority stock is true?

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Larry owns £5,000 of premium bonds. Which one of the following is FALSE?

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A key difference between a debenture and a loan stock issued by a company is
that a debenture:

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Which type of investment would be MOST suitable for a non-taxpayer requiring
monthly income with NO risk to capital?

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Kevin has invested in undated gilt-edged securities. This means that:

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Which one of the following organisations issues permanent interest bearing shares?

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What is ‘index-linked’ on an index-linked gilt?

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What returns can be achieved on an investment into gilts?

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Income tax is not payable on which one of the following forms of income?

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According to the financial press, the term to run before redemption under a
medium-dated gilt is between:

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Why would a client want to know the ‘coupon’ of a gilt?

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What rate of capital gains tax, if any, would a basic rate taxpayer be liable to on gains made from gilts?

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A new gilt issue has been referred to as medium dated in the financial press,
however the UK Debt Management Office has described it as short dated. It will
therefore be for which of the following terms?

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What is the maximum total investment into Premium Bonds?

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Which one of the following would be regarded as an advantage of a building
society savings account?

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Which one of the following client need areas are bank and building society
accounts BEST equipped to provide for?

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Which one of Melinda’s needs would direct investment in gilts be UNABLE to

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