Unit 2 Topic 18

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Training and competence records for an individual working for a non MIFID firm must be retained for a specified period after they have left the firm. This period is:

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Which one of the following job applicants is LEAST likely to meet the FCA ‘fit and proper’ requirements?

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The FCA categorises roles into various functions; into which type of function would the Money Laundering Reporting function be categorised?

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What is the FCA’s most severe disciplinary power?

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Tom has been successful in his training as an authorised adviser. What happens next?

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The FCA Training and Competence Sourcebook is PARTICULARLY prescriptive in relation to three groups of employees who are subject to detailed training and competence rules. These three groups include:

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Which of the following group of company employees would NOT be subject to detailed rules of training and competence under the FCA’s Conduct of Business rules?

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Which of the following statements is FALSE in relation to Training and Competence regulation?

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Peter has almost completed his induction training with Haddon Bank, prior to taking up a position of trainee financial adviser. The FCA require that the training he receives is:

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Which one of the following areas is NOT included in the ‘fit and proper’ test required by the FCA?

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Which statement BEST describes the relationship between the ‘fit and proper’ test and the Senior Managers and Certification Regime?

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The FCA’s supervisory model would see a fixed portfolio firm as being one that:

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Simon has undergone his initial financial adviser training with Brighton Bank but has not yet passed an appropriate examination. Under what circumstances might he be allowed to advise customers about regulated products, if at all?

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Which one of the following areas is NOT specifically covered by the ‘Training and Competence’ requirements?

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What is the FCA’s most severe disciplinary power?

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Individuals performing which of the following roles will be individually vetted and approved by the FCA/PRA?

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The FCA rules insist that an organisation’s systems and controls are clearly documented. Which ONE of the following is also an FCA rule with regard to systems and controls?

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Which of the following bank employees would not normally require individual FCA/PRA approval?

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Before an employee carries out duties that fall under the FCA’s regulatory responsibility he should:

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Those individuals categorised by the FCA/PRA as performing a ‘significant harm’ function must be approved by:

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If the FCA discovers a contravention of its rules, one of the steps it may take is to vary a firm’s permissions. This means that:

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In the FCA Handbook there is a section on rules relating to arrangements, systems and controls within authorised firms. These rules:

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