Unit 1 Topic 11

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Julian wishes to make sure that he can meet all of his essential outgoings if he is unable to work due to medium- or long-term illness. Which of the following insurance products would be most suitable?

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What is the principal purpose of whole-of-life plans?

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The MAIN benefit of increasing term assurance is that it:

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Which one of the following illnesses would NOT normally result in benefits being paid out from a critical illness policy?

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What type of insurance policy can provide a daily rate of income if treatment involving an overnight stay in an NHS hospital is involved?

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How is life cover paid for on a flexible whole-of-life assurance?

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Benefits from a critical illness policy are usually payable as

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What type of assurance is a family income benefit plan?

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Stewart wants to start a whole-of-life assurance, which will also provide critical illness cover. Which specific type of plan should he choose?

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Flexible whole of life policies are best suited to which of the following scenarios?

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Christopher is employed in an occupation that requires him to be fully active and physically fit. He is concerned that he will not be able to maintain his new mortgage if he were to suffer an illness that might force him to take lower paid employment. Which of the following products would provide him with a long-term income in such an event?

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For which one of the following situations might a joint whole-of-life policy be the most suitable recommendation?

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What is the main difference between accident sickness and unemployment (ASU) policies and income protection insurance policies?

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Matthew has been given various pieces of information regarding critical illness insurance. Which of the following is correct?

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Which of the following statements is true in relation to either income protection insurance or critical illness cover?

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Which of the following is normally regarded as a standard peril in the majority of buildings insurance policies?

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When will benefit payments under a family income benefit plan stop?

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What is usually the MAXIMUM benefit payment period for accident, sickness and unemployment (ASU) policies?

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