Unit 1 Topic 3 (Taxation)

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In terms of income tax, self-employed individuals are taxed based on their:

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Among the following individuals, who is most likely to be considered a UK resident for tax purposes?

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Edward is considered a UK tax resident in the preceding tax year. What is the minimum number of days he must have spent in the UK during that tax year?

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Colin is aged 38, married, and earns a gross salary of £26,500 from his employment. Assuming he received no taxable benefits in kind, how much income tax did he pay?

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After utilizing their allowance, what is the tax rate for a higher rate taxpayer on income earned from dividends?

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Ian has not worked for 5 years, which class of National Insurance contributions should she make to maximize her entitlement to state benefits:

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Colin (age 35) has a taxable income of £28,000. He receives no other income of any sort during the tax year. As a single person, what is his tax liability?

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When does a person acquire their domicile of origin?

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Which one of the following payments will NOT be liable to income tax?

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Who is allowed to use expenses to reduce income tax liability?

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UK resident who is domiciled in Italy, would not be expected to pay UK tax on which one of the following:

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Each year during Autumn, several tax-related measures are introduced in the budget. These measures subsequently become effective due to the corresponding:

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The exact definition of employee expenses used to reduce income tax liabilities is that they MUST be specifically incurred wholly:

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What category of National Insurance contributions are applicable to the profits of a sole trader?

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What does the term ‘collecting income tax at source’ actually mean?

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Where a child receives an income from an arrangement made by his or her parents, how is this taxed?

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Where an employee receives a termination payment on becoming redundant, up to what amount will the payment be free from income tax?

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