Unit 1 Topic 1

Introducing the financial services industry

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Financial intermediaries facilitate maturity transformation due to their ability to:

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Notes and coins are accepted as legal tender because they have:

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In order to expedite funding for business activities in wholesale banking, how can a bank achieve this quickly?

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In recent years, which means have large institutions in financial services markets predominantly used to achieve growth and diversification?

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Which of the following statements accurately distinguishes a mutual organization from a proprietary organization?

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The role of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is:

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Up to what percentage of their liabilities may Building Societies raise funds on the wholesale market?

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The Bank of England is a central bank because :

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In order to be acceptable as a medium of exchange, money must have all EXCEPT which one of the following?

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Which one of the following factors distinguishes building societies from other financial institutions?

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